Well, I’ve been accused of being too mushy in my blog posts. So, I’ll just write about some general things that have happened since my last post and save the “mushy” posts for another time!!!
The first thing is that I AM DONE WITH MY SEMESTER!!! That means I have no studying, no papers to write, or any school obligations after I get home from work!! I can relax, read, cross stitch or crochet, or whatever other leisure I may have, after my home responsibilities that is. I still need to register for my next semester though. I am definately going to take Elementary Spanish 102 and I think I am going to take a WWII history course as well. I may try to tack on a third class, CPR. I really would like to take a CPR course and Luzerne offers one at the Hazleton Campus and it isn’t filled up yet so we’ll see how that goes. The course is only a month long and is a one credit course so it will only be extra hectic for one month. Something I’m still thinking over!!
I also applied for a new job. I would still work as a CNA but it would be in a more home-like atmosphere. I’m hoping I’ll hear something soon but with the holidays I’m not sure that I will. I really want to work more one on one with people and build relationships that will stick with me. At work I have a few residents that I like but I’m not able to be around them too much because I float the entire building and the facility is a 200 bed facility. So, I am all over the place trying to remember all the residents and how they like things done that I cannot build any relationships. I know that someone has to do the kind of work that I do but I still desire something better. We’ll see. God knows.
Well, I’ll close with something that really struck me hard last night and this morning as I flipped through the book of Ecclesiastes. I have been struggling a little bit with the sovereignty of God and all the ups and downs that I have had. Well, last night I came across this verse in Ecclesiastes 3:14, “I percieved that whatever God does endures forever; nothing can be added to it, nor anything taken from it. God has done it, so that people fear before him.”
I still don’t understand why God is putting some of these trials on me and what he is doing but he has a purpose and his will and purpose will last forever. I need to rest and trust in his sovereignty and wisdom. Maybe that is why these trials are here… to show me how to rest and trust in our great and awesome God.