Thoughts on Guns and Crayons

This past Saturday Paul took some of his siblings target shooting. Not exactly what I call fun but hey, its good bonding time for his brother and a few of his sisters. All good. Then I realized he really wanted me to come along. Right…couldn’t I just stay behind and help watch the kids? Well, all my reasoning for staying behind vanished when I realized how much he really wanted me to come along with him. It was an opportunity for me to step into his world, just like I enjoy when he steps into mine for a while. So I went, and yes, I had fun. I didn’t care to shoot any loud gun and have a sore shoulder but I did enjoy watching my husband enjoy himself.

Tried to color with my son today. I thought that maybe if I sat down with him and did it he would have fun. Wrong. All he wanted to do was take the crayons out and put them back in again. Oh well. Then I made the mistake of leaving them out for Owen to get to. He is still drooling yellow. Hopefully he’ll be able to use crayons before he starts Kindergarten.

And what does a story on guns and a story on crayons have to do with each other? Absolutely nothing.