Sunday Evening Thoughts

It’s finally Sunday night. I’m sitting next to my fiancee and my friend, his sister, Becky while typing this entry. I’m also enjoying the antics of Paul’s youngest sister, Abi. She’s almost 2 and is mimicking almost every word that we say. I tried to get her to say a Spanish phrase but she looked at me as if I all of a sudden grew another head. Oh well, maybe another time.
I had to work this weekend again. Work went pretty good today although the morning was a little rushed. Tomorrow will be interesting because I’m going with a resident to the hospital as she gets cataract surgery done which will leave only four aides on the floor doing five showers and all of the am cares. I’m going to try and get to work ealier tomorrow so I can get a few am cares out of the way so that all that has to be done is to take the residents out of bed. We’ll see. Well, I think that I should go and stop being rude and actually have conversation with someone else besides myself and the computer.