So…what’s been happenin?

Well, I’m sitting here in a quiet home by myself listening the scurrying of rats (okay, hamsters). My family is in New York right now, leaving me home because of my job. You know, when I started working as a CNA, I didn’t realize how much nursing controls one’s life!! Yikes! Some days I’m told I can’t leave until 9pm and other days I don’t know when I’m going to be home because I’m on a doctor’s trip with a resident! I am enjoying working as a CNA though. I have had many rewarding moments and many funny stories! Although, sometimes, I’m the only one laughing while others are turning green but hey, as an aide, sitting in unpleasant stuff is the norm!
Well, on a lighter note, Paul and I finally have our date set for our wedding!! I was so excited when we finally got that settled!! Its hard not knowing what’s ahead in the future! I mean, I know that life is uncertain anyway but it is nice knowing a direction in which to head!! Paul has found a car now and is making plans to move out and live with a friend from church. I half envy him but as I sit here at the computer listening to rats bang their wheels against the cage (I swear they do that to annoy me!), I realize that I like living with people! And Paul and my dad don’t really want me to live on my own so I am content to live at home and work and save up money for our future!
Well, that’s a little update on Paul and me. A lot has happened since December but I won’t bore anyone with details! God has been working in me quite a bit and teaching me many lessons. Hey, if I actually learn these lessons well, maybe I’ll be perfect by the time I’m married!!!