School and Other Stories

It seems all I can type is random bits and stories.  There are so many things I don’t want to forget that the kids say or do!

We started school full swing last Wednesday. I had been just doing Math pages with Owen but the rest of my Sonlight curriculum came in and so we are going full swing now.  I’m loving it!  The structure and the stories is great and I’m so looking forward to putting letters and sounds together with Owen.  I could probably start now with him but I’m content to wait until the curriculum starts that.  I operate better when I follow a plan and Owen is still doing things like circle words that start with B or which picture starts with F.  Good practice!  He’s having trouble being told what to do and when and that’s making reading stories or doing papers difficult but again, good practice, and I’m glad to be doing it with pre K instead of waiting until he is in Kindergarten.  I’m considering this a good practice year.

I’m also super thrilled with the progress Owen is making with allowing himself to go with other people he doesn’t know very well but that we trust.  Twice now I’ve gone to a Bible Study where he only knew a few kids and he didn’t know the houses too well and he was separated from me.  Last week he took about 15-20 minutes before he went on his own and he did throw a pretty good fit but I was able to calm him down quickly and it was a situation where he was able to be with me for a bit as he adjusted to different surroundings. Today, he was cautious but he went WITH NO CRYING!!!  I was so excited.  I’m praising God for this breakthrough.  Ever since our church’s VBS and a friend’s willingness to help out, Owen has been SO much better.  He has his moments but they are generally short and he goes somewhat willingly. Amazing how that horrible experience on the first day of VBS lead us to trying different means that has been used to help us understand Owen better and seems to have given him the confidence he needed.  God moves in a mysterious way.

While we are on this topic of trust, I wanted to record a conversation between Owen and Joel.  I was so excited because we have been talking a lot about trusting Mommy and Daddy and trusting God and something is clicking.  Sunday, we told them that Daddy was going to be helping serve communion in the evening and that sparked this conversation between two brothers:

Joel: You don’t need to cry Owen.  We can trust Mommy and Daddy and Daddy will come back!
Owen: Yeah!  And you don’t need to cry either.  We can trust Mommy and Daddy and Daddy will come back!
Joel: Yeah!

Two brothers encouraging each other.  Beautiful!

Joel is still in the midst of potty training and accidents.  He’s also on the kick of “But I don’t want to!” when we tell him he needs to do something.  So frustrating.  But its opened up conversations of how he will have to do things that he doesn’t want to do or even like when he is a man.  It is part of life.  And Mommy and Daddy often have to do things we don’t like but we can ask God for help and he will help us.  Its been good.  Also, he is doing much better with potty training.  He’s only having one or two accidents a day when we are home and he’s doing it himself!  If we can just get his will and stubbornness to go from “I don’t want to” to doing it, he will be potty trained.  I have great hope that he will be potty trained before 5 now.  I was thinking 10 about 2 weeks ago!  He’s growing and learning and we are heading in a good direction I think.

Charity is now 19 months going on 20 years old!  That girl is stubborn and sassy and bossy and sweet and cute and smart!  She is trying to be a little mommy already. If the boys ask for something, her immediate response is, “Uh uh” or “naw!”  Drives her brothers mad, literally.  But they also egg her on by asking her and then getting upset when she says no.  She is also at the age where she is beginning to play WITH her brothers.  Its so cute when they play “church” and she sits in a little chair and follows their lead. She also loves to run around with them and show off and sing.  She loves to sing.  I can generally get an idea of what she is singing and she lights up when I start singing that song.  I love it!

This motherhood journey is so different from what I thought it was going to be.  I’m continually amazed at what I have to teach my kids and how hard it is for them to do something “simple.”  I’m finding myself thankful though. God is teaching me as well and I am so glad for his patience with me.  He is a perfect parent that lovingly trains me and loves me even though I buck and throw my own temper tantrums.  I pray that I will be able to be that kind of parent.  I’m realizing that I will never reach perfection but I know God is working.