Random bits

Charity has been developing quite a personality. I keep looking at her and thinking that she’s not a baby anymore. She is a toddler and the most articulate toddler we’ve had yet. She picks up on things her brothers say and adopts them for her own. For example, when asked where something is, Joel loves to say, “I threw it away!” So that’s what Charity says, babble version. She has the tone inflection down and the syllables the same. Only with her, it may be true. She delights in pulling out our trash can and throwing stuff in it.
She is also having a hard time saying “please.” She can say anything she wants in her sweet version but ask her to say please and she will cry, sulk, or flat out shake her head and say “uh uh.” No idea where she gets that from. ~clears throat~  However tonight when candy was on the line she said please. Im hoping she’s catching on.
She is my little nurturer though. She will beat on her brothers but if they are hurt she’ll come up to them and try to hug or tease them. She bit me randomly on Saturday and made me yelp loudly. She wasn’t  being malicious but it hurt. A few minutes later she’s asking “eres boo boo?” I showed her and asked if she’d kiss it which she did with a  silly smile. Love her!
Yesterday we gave a party for Joel. It was a fun filled afternoon with tons of sugar and play and minions.  Unfortunately it was so much fun and so much sugar that the boys couldn’t make it through church. We had to leave before the service even began and it was a fight to get them down. Owen didn’t sleep till after 10 and I shed a few tears over the night, but looking back, I think it was worth it. I just need to plan things a bit better so the kids aren’t too overstimulated and over sugared! I feel so blessed to see family doting on my kids and giving them nice gifts. So much love goes around. I’m thankful.
We took the kids out tonight to get bow ties for the boys to wear in my sister’s wedding in a little over five weeks away now. I was told we had to come up there to order them. OK, fine. Makes sense. Wouldn’t want to order bow ties that didn’t fit my boys right? Wrong. They don’t need to measure them but they don’t do payments over the phone. Really? I guess it was good because we found out that the only bow ties were in a paisley print. Ick! (Again, really??) So the boys will be decked out in ties. Still cute and no paisley. Good.
We also took them out to Cracker Barrel. We are getting bolder, twice in 6 days. It went OK. The waitress told us that they were golden compared to others that threw food across the rooms. “Well we stopped that a few times,” we admitted. She still assured us they were good. Made me thankful although with all the standing,squirming, fork dropping, food dropping, and outbursts we still have a long ways to go. And then Charity and Joel walked around with me while Paul and Owen paid. Charity wanted every cute stuffed animal (doggies she called them) and the babies were also attractive to her. So different from the boys!  As I walked trying to keep order, a worker informed me that some other little girl had taken all sorts of toys and candles and dumped them in a baby cradle. “That’s where they go, right?” I joked as I ran off to catch my errant son who was running away from me. Yup, humbling.
After our Cracker Barrel experience we decided to go to Barnes and Noble to let Joel pick out a book for his birthday. That experience gave new meaning to the phrase, “like a kid in the candy store.” Owen, Joel, and Charity were overwhelmed and enthusiastically excited about all the bright colored books and the Thomas trains and the seats that were just their size. Joel finally decided on Dr. Seuss ABCs and we paid, got coffee and left. It was crazy but fun too and as my husband said, this is how they learn to behave. True. Very true

Those are the random highlights of the weekend/first day of the week. I’m thinking that all I’ll be able to do is random broken bits until my brain is whole again. I was assured that my brain will return again and I’m choosing to believe it’s true. If its not true for everyone, don’t inform me. I’ll find out eventually. Some things are better left that way, lol!