Well, today was the first full day of trying to work towards being a better wife and mother. It didn’t start too well this morning and I still have half a day left but the day is going fairly well. I made cookies today while Owen sat in the highchair and watched. It was nice. I look forward to the days of making cookies with him and then eating them together while discussing matters of importance that pertain to a toddler! I do need to work with Owen though on learning to play by himself. When the next little one comes, I’m not going to be able to give Owen my full attention and the thought of trying to nurse an infant while my toddler hangs on me sounds exhausting! We’ll work on that. Paul and I are trying to work on how we can train Owen towards that end. Hopefully some ideas will surface although I weary at being the main one to train him. I would love for Paul to have a week off so that we can work on this but alas, that is a dream that ranks right up there with getting a maid. So for now, we brainstorm and I gird up my loins for the challenge!

I must say though being pregnant and having a baby under a year is very tiring. We’ll have to try and plan better next time! Although, we didn’t really plan for this one so I guess that God believes that I can do this with His help so I will rest in that! I do look forward to meeting this little one but I do hope that he is more laid back than his brother!

So far though, this pregnancy is different than it was with Owen. I mean I’m more sick than usual; I mean, I’m 20 weeks and still battle nausea! But this baby is quieter and moves differently than Owen did. Owen gave me jabs with sharp, bony, little body parts while this one just “bumps” me. Its nice to feel that. Perhaps my poor ribs will be saved the abuse that they suffered previously! Its also different though because I don’t really “feel” pregnant. I mean, I do feel that I am pregnant physically (I was reminded yesterday as I realized it was getting harder to tie my shoes!) and emotionally (Seriously, do I have to tear up about everything!) but I don’t feel pregnant mentally and I’m surprised that I am halfway there already! I guess I’m just too busy chasing after Owen and trying to figure him out. I do prefer the pregnancy to fly by and not drag on forever but I feel this little one is getting gypped of the excitement that I felt with Owen. Ah well, I’m sure I will have the same exuberant joy and excitement as I hold him for the first time. Those first few moments make the pain of childbirth so worth it!

Well, I should stop my rambling. Owen woke up early from his nap (again) and I have to assess whether to let him cry and see if he will go back to sleep or to get him up. Either way, I think my chances for a nap are non-existent. Ah well, no biggy, just part of being a mom!