Potty Training-Day 1

Today was the first official potty training day for Joel. He’s gone on the potty a few times but he’s been very resistant to doing it on our time and wearing undies. I’ve been preparing him this whole month with the intention of training him the week after he turned three. Alas, he became sick the day after his birthday so along with canceling our camping plans, my potty training plans were also changed (although I definitely wasn’t as upset about that as I was our camping plans. Just sayin).

Anyway, today went fairly well. We went through ten pairs of undies so I really need to do laundry tonight or right away tomorrow morning. We mostly had half victories, as in Joel would have an accident and then do the rest on the potty. I consider that somewhat successful. After a few accidents though, he said to me, “See, I can’t wear undies. I just go pee in them.” Lol, poor guy. You’ll learn. Later on in the day I told him to go sit on the potty before he had another accident and he said, “But I didn’t go in my undies yet!” I had to explain again that he needed to go BEFORE he went in his undies, not after. It was too cute.

As I’ve been thinking about today, I’ve thought how cruel this feels to Joel. I’m submitting him to awkwardness and the uncomfortableness of accidents. He doesn’t understand why. He wants his diapers back (he was thrilled to wear pull ups tonight). Why would I change something that is working just fine? He doesn’t know that this is part of growing up, it is necessary and good. Actually, I have told him but he doesn’t see it or like it. He is forced to trust me and move on, kicking and screaming at times, trusting at others.

How much am I like that in areas God is training me in. I don’t like it or see it necessary. Can’t God work in other ways? Why does he need to do it this way or that way? I feel uncomfortable and awkward and want to just forget about the whole thing. Yet God wisely calls me to trust him and let him work. He may need to hold me as I resist him but he is so patient and loving with me. One day I will be able to look back and thank God for that time. Even now I can think of some things to be thankful for in our canceled vacation plans and other areas of disappointment. I don’t like those times but the fruit is very sweet. If only I could give him my whole heart in the hard times as well as the good.

Now to rest up for tomorrow. I have no idea what it will be like but I will be praying for patience and love. Will you pray with me?