Our Engagement!!!

I got to tell the story of my engagement to a coworker yesterday as we were working. It was nice to recount it and relive it again. I don’t think that I shall easily forget that day. Even when I’m old and grey and senile I’ll still remember. And yes, this is going to be another “mushy” blog post so be forewarned oh you faint of heart!!
The day started out like any other at Weatherwood in Area 4–rushed. I don’t remember exactly why it was rushed but I do remember something about having a hard set of rooms and several showers on top of it. My sister and I were supposed to go to the Thompson’s house that night for supper and so that helped keep my spirits raised high. At about 2 or 2:30, the LPN who was the Nursing Supervisor for that day approached me and asked if I had been working at Weatherwood for over 30 days. “Yes Why? Are you mandating?” was my skeptical response. She just had the look of “mandation” written all over her face. (for those who may not know, “mandation” is when you are not asked but told that you have to work overtime.) She said yes and that it may only be for less than an hour. I only had to stay until one of the 3-11 aides showed up. I didn’t think that was too bad to be mandated less than an hour because then I wouldn’t be mandated for another 48 hours.
At about ten to three, I went to the break room to call Paul and let him know that I’d be a little late and to also let my mom know that I wasn’t going to be home right away. As I was walking to the break room, I was looking out the windows as I always do and I noticed a guy sitting on a bench outside the front of the building. “Mmm…That looks like Paul” I thought to myself. I looked again. “Boy, that really looks like Paul” The man on the bench was sitting kind of like Paul. I hurried to the break room with my heart racing and looked out the window, which was right behind the man. “That REALLY looks like Paul” I thought to myself again. I called Paul on the cell and the man on the bench picked up his cell phone at the same time that Paul did!!! It was my boyfriend that was sitting mysteriously outside of my work place without telling me that he was waiting for me! I tried to control the excitement in my voice as I talked with Paul but it didn’t work because, as Paul later told me, I sounded awfully cheerful for someone who was being made to stay and work extra after an already crazy day.
I got off with Paul, not telling him that I had seen him sitting outside, and then called my parents. Boy, did they act strange on the phone! My curiosity at that point would have killed hundreds of cats! I was ready to burst!! I had to compose myself and go back to my area before the bell rang and all the blessed workers got to leave and go home. My mind was racing! “What is he doing there? Why didn’t he tell me? MAYBE HE’S HERE TO ASK ME TO MARRY HIM!! No, no, don’t get your hopes up like that. He’s probably just here to take you and Lydia up to his house, you know, like a pleasant surprise and more time together. You don’t want to look disappointed if that’s what he’s here for.” I tried to concentrate on getting report because I needed to know what the 3-11 nurse wanted me to do until the other aide came.
After the longest 10 minutes of my life, the aide finally arrived. “Sarah, your relief is here,” I was told. I rushed getting my stuff together but I was slowed down by having to fill out an overtime slip, get it signed, and then staple it to my time sheet downstairs. I could have cared a less but it had to be done. My hands were trembling as I wrote out the slip and time sheet. Finally!! I could leave!
I tried not to peek around the hedges as I walked down the walkway but I couldn’t help myself! There was Paul, sitting on a bench waiting for me. “What are you doing here,” I asked him. “Well, I thought that it would save gas money if we rode up together,” he said. (“cool,” I thought) “And I wanted to ask if you would marry me,” and he pulled out the ring. I was shocked!! I backed away with both hands over my mouth. Yes, I had hoped that he was here to ask me to marry him but I didn’t expect it at all! He got down on his knee and said “Sarah Eroh, will you marry me?” I could barely nod my head up and down. He got up and asked “Is that a yes?” I nodded again and whispered yes. “Can I have your hand?” Now here was another problem-my hand would not respond to my brain’s urging to give Paul my hand. Paul had to physically take my hand because I still too surprised to give it to him myself! I can still feel the coolness of the metal on my finger as my fiance took my hand and slipped the ring onto my finger.
Saturday, September 29th 2007 was the happiest day of my life. I couldn’t believe that I was engaged. I looked at my ring many times that night and I told anyone that I could at work the next day. Paul and I announced our engagement at church that Sunday evening and the whole church rejoiced with us.
We still don’t have an exact date but we are looking at Summer of 2009, after Paul graduates from college. A year and a half seems like eternity right now but Paul and I are looking forward to what God has in store for us. He has deemed it best for us to wait and he will provide the patience for the wait and he will teach us the lessons that he has for us to learn. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for us as we begin the preparation for our future and begin saving and planning for our wedding.
“The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed I have a beautiful inheritance.” Ps.16:6