One Fish, Two Fish

Oh the joys of having a young kid! Having toys and books scattered throughout all rooms of the house, crunching on food dropped from the highchair, reminding yourself to remove that onion from the diaper bag before you leave next, picking up tupperware from the living room floor and measuring cups in the bedroom (how in the world?), etc. Its loads of fun but as my pregnancy wears on, so do these joys! I mean, when I have to scoot all over the floor and pick up toys while sitting down because its too much pain to BEND and pick them up, it gets tiring! I still have a little over 8 weeks to go and I shudder at how much more difficult things will become!

Entertaining Owen while trying to relax as much as possible is also very interesting! I’m thankful that he’s gaining more of an interest in books but even that can get tiring as well. He has two favorite books, both Dr. Seuss: “One Fish, Two Fish” (which I have memorized!) and “Mr. Brown can Moo, Can You?” I thought about reciting the first one but I’ll spare everyone! Most days its fun reading these books to him but there are some days when he brings them over and begs me to read them that I just want to cry. How many times can you read these books and stay sane! But hey, at least I’m not telling him “no” half a dozen times in a minute. I can live with that! And reading “Mr. Brown” gets me a whole bunch of kisses. Don’t ask me why cause I don’t know why but I’ll take all the kisses he gives me!

It may sound like I’m complaining here but I’m not. I’m writing these things with a smile on my face even though the monotony really can get to me. Its hard to not love Owen and smile at some of his antics. I love to watch him play and learn and his face is so full of expression that I sometimes will sit and hold back hysterical laughter at watching him do things! He is so much fun and becoming more and more fun! I’m curious at what his little brother will be like and I look forward to seeing the two of them interact with each other!

I’m so thankful that I still have him and that he doesn’t seem to be much behind even though he had all the trauma on his brain. I watch him learn and process things and try to learn to stand and walk and I think “I am so blessed.” He has been a medical miracle and the doctors have wondered at how good he is doing in spite of everything. God has been so gracious to him and I look forward to telling Owen about how good God is and how He protected him. Its something I try and remind myself in the midst of frustration with Owen and on days where I can’t wait for Paul to get home!

Well, Owen is down for a nap so I think I will try to grab some shut eye as well before its too late. I need all the strength I can find to take care of my little energizer bunny!