More Randomness

I’m taking a few minutes out of my day to write a new post, not because I’m bored or anything but just to give myself a bit of a break and rest while Owen is napping. After this, its back to work so that it looks like I actually did something today! I haven’t been lazy its just that all that I did today didn’t really make my house look any better. I made Owen food for the rest of the week. The boy will be feasting on rice, peas and carrots, and chicken as well as the normal applesauce and oatmeal and other delightful fruits and snacks. He’s set for a while, thankfully! I’m trying my hand at making teething biscuits (they are wonderful because they last FOREVER!) but I’m kinda doubting they will turn out. They’re supposed to be virtually crumb free but the mixture was so crumby that I don’t see how the end result won’t be as well. We’ll see tomorrow! My poor husband though. I spent so much time in the kitchen today cooking for Owen that I don’t even want to think of supper tonight. Don’t worry though honey, tomorrow is your turn as I make granola and, depending on how I’m feeling, maybe even ham and bean soup!

Today is going so much better than yesterday. Owen has been at me continually, throwing temper tantrums and whining and screaming at my feet. Its been very wearing on me and I’ve been learning lessons in loving the unlovable! He actually slept for over 1 1/2 hours today and was very content. We still had some issues but it was much nicer! I wish he’d take his full naps all the time-we’d both be a whole lot happier. I’m feeling better too after having a night out with Paul last night. I really needed that. The dear man spoiled me at the mall and took me out for Chinese. I hate to see how our budget is going to look but I hope that the time we spent together was worth it. I know I feel less stressed and better able to deal with Owen and life than I did yesterday or the past 2 weeks for that matter. It was nice being a wife again and not just a mommy! Although, this little one inside of me kept reminding me with little pokes and prods that I wasn’t childless on our date. Oh well, at least he wasn’t crying!

Well, I should go. Laundry needs switching and I hope to at least have our bedroom cleaned before Paul gets home. Its a bit of a disaster zone and I’m sure it would do us both some good to go to bed in a clean room!