Learning how the World Works

The boys are both starting to realize and pay attention to how things work and to ask questions.  Owen will ask what time it is and when daddy will be home.  Joel will look at the clock and blurt out, “Oh no!  It’s 4 o 5!”  Or someone will come out with, “It’s quarter after.”  Owen is also more observant to time passed in the car and will often get angry if we aren’t going to be there “soon.”

Owen is also trying to figure out time passing.  He will say, “Yesterday when we walked down the aisle…”  when it really happened several weeks ago.  Or, “Last week when we went to bible study…” when it happened that same day.  We are continually correcting him by giving him the right terms to use.  Poor guy.  Its a lot to remember!  Both Owen and Joel are also trying to figure out the days of the week.  Paul drew the days of the week on a whiteboard that is sitting on our kitchen table and often Joel will be sitting and will start reciting, “Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday!”  So we will recite it in order a few times.  Imagine how confused they will be when we start talking about the months of the year!

When I stop at a stop sign to wait for traffic or wait for a light to turn green, I often get yelled at, mostly by Joel, “Mommy!  Just go!”  I will have to explain to them that I have to wait for cars to go or for the light to turn green.  “Why mommy?”  is the next question so I explain that too.  It’s really neat to be able to have those conversations now.  Recently, one or the other boy will remind the other boy that I’m waiting for the light to turn green and then they will cheer when I start moving again.

Today, we had this argument in the car:
Joel: There’s the moon!
Owen: No Joel, that’s the sun!
Joel: No!  Its the moon!
Me:  Actually Joel, it is the sun.
Joel: Oh…then why is it white?
Haha!!  I had no idea how to explain that to him at the moment.  It was midday and kinda cloudy so the sun did look white.  I was impressed with his observation that the sun is often yellow while the moon appears more white.

Charity is also learning how things work and I’m seeing that she is more of a people pleaser  than her brothers are.  She is much more sensitive too.  Much. More. Sensitive.  Paul was watching some fail videos online and he had to turn them off because they were making her very upset.  Owen and Joel weren’t phased at all but she didn’t like seeing people get hurt.  She will also say “I sorry” much sooner.  She was annoying a little friend of hers by pinching and as soon as she saw that I was watching her, she stopped and said “I sorry! I sorry!”  Yup, people pleaser.  But I’m also refreshed by her sensitivity.  I think I’m going to have an easier time teaching her to respect and love others than I’ve been having with the two boys.

She is also wanting to sit on the potty like her big brother and will ask to go potty.  I’ve decided that as soon as I feel Joel is more on his way to being completely potty trained (and we are very, very close, praise God!) I am going to try her for a week and see if she catches on.  Three kids potty trained?  Yes please!

Charity is also interested in saying her letters and can pick some out or will copy me when I say them.  She also tries to sing the ABC song.  She is earlier than either of her brothers.

All three like to sing the “Bob the Builder” theme song from time to time and some doting uncles decided to teach the boys to sing “Bob the builder. Can we fix it? NO WE CAN’T!”  So Charity will go around and sing “Bob da dilda.  NO!”  Its hilarious!!  Thanks to Uncle John John and Uncle Isaac for that comedy relief in the middle of the day!  Although, this can cause some contention when one brother wants to sing it the right way and the other one wants to sing it the contrary way and it often leads to yelling and the need for immediate intervention but since “Holy Holy” does the same thing I can’t assign any blame.

Owen and Joel were looking at a picture of a poem I read them yesterday and Joel asked what was going on (it was a picture of a unicorn with a crown around its neck and a lion in front growling).  I said the lion was trying to get the unicorn but Owen corrected me saying, “No, the crown!”  I remembered that was the story.  The lion was chasing the unicorn to get the crown.  And I thought he wasn’t  paying attention.  He is learning.  Praise God!

These times of curiosity and comedy come at times when I need reminders that they are indeed learning and growing.  I’m thankful for those.  I love watching my kids try to figure things out and  the perplexion on their faces at times is hilarious!  I am thrilled but sometimes stumped at how to explain things to them but sometimes all I need to do is give them a simple answer and they are satisfied with that.  For now.  In a couple years I’ll be sending them to the dictionary.  Or google if we want to be more modern about it.