Jumbled Thougths Springing from Vacation

Got back from a nice vacation with family yesterday afternoon.  It was one of those vacations where I did absolutely nothing and enjoyed spending time with family, laying in a hammock, and sitting around the fire outside at night talking.  In fact, when I did do something, like get a load of clothes washed and hung, I felt like the Proverbs 31 woman!  Yeah, that’s how much I did all week! 

The boys enjoyed it too.  Owen really enjoyed having four days where he was taken around everywhere outside he wanted and whenever he wanted too.  He would wander around Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Thompson’s house bored, waiting until all his aunts and uncles came to be his willing servants!  Poor boy.  Makes me wonder if I’m depriving him of all things good when he is home and doesn’t get half of his wishes fulfilled.  Don’t get me wrong, he is well taken care of….he just doesn’t have me at his beck and call.  I’m one person to their nine so some requests just cannot get fulfilled!

We are home now, and I am trying to get a few things accomplished and get ready for a much needed shopping trip tonight.  Should have planned that one better.  Opened the cabinet and realized the main breakfast staple, applesauce, was gone and there was no fruit to replace it.  So Owen got his usual oatmeal and raisens with more syrup than usual and Joel got his usual cereal with just syrup.  I felt like an awful mother especially when I remembered that I did have frozen peaches I could have used for Joel.  Oh well, that was used for the second bowl of cereal and Joel’s belly was full so I guess all is good. 

Okay, enough random writing.  Time to get off and use the time when Owen is watching his Elmo to go and get some more things accomplished.  Trying today to be that eager, willing Proverbs 31 wife.  More on that later.