It happens

You are in Dreamland. You never thought you’d get there the way the afternoon was going. But here you are, and its blissful! Then it happens. Wait, did I just hear a cry? Yes, I did. Do I investigate? I’d better. You drag yourself out of that wonderful land into the real world again and stumble across the house into the boy’s bedroom and realize that real is being very harsh right now. Not only is the baby awake but you find that your toddler that you thought was sleeping so nicely is still awake. Yup, never even went to sleep. He was just humoring you and being quiet. Very thoughtful of him!

So, you take the baby into your bed and leave the toddler screaming in protest, quite loudly. Oh well, naps are overrated anyhow…or at least that’s what your youngest son’s onsie tries to convince you of!

Joel is now resettled and Owen is awake, albeit quietly amusing himself in the crib where he will stay till he falls asleep or 4pm rolls around, whichever happens first. I’m learning to roll with the punches. I’ve seen many worse days end with all of us still alive, just me a little grayer I’m sure. I’ve learned to pray, “Lord, please help this be a good day where all the naps happen and everyone is happy but if not Lord, please give me the strength I need to be a patient and loving mother.” Seems like a reasonable prayer to me. Perhaps later on in my walk with God, I will find out its not as reasonable as I would have originally thought but that’s the beauty of this journey. God leads me through life, showing me other areas that need working on and then eventually goes back and shows me some other areas that he passed over for the sake of growing me and not leaving me to spin my wheels in a muck of sin, overwhelmed and alone.

So, even now as I’m still rubbing sleep out of my eyes and counting down the time till I am rescued (hubby coming home) I am thankful for the strength that God gives. And as my toddler ramps up the volume in his crib, I pray that I will draw upon that strength and not cave to the temptation to be snappy. God has so much to work on in me but in that truth is a praise-He will keep working in me and not leave me alone. How awesome is that!