Well, I had quite a few interesting days this week. I had to work Thanksgiving and ended up being mandated (made to work) and I had to stay until 7 at night, making for a long 12 hour day. I almost had to stay the full eight hours which would have given me 40 hours of pay for one days work but I preferred to come home. Twelve hours is plenty for me!! Wednesday, though, was the best day for me. (Little background here, my engagement ring was sent away to get resized two weeks earlier and I hadn’t heard anything about it yet. Keep that in mind!)
I was feeling a little blue on Wednesday because Paul was not going to be coming to my house for Thanksgiving. Instead, he was going to spend it in NY with his family. I knew that it was the right choice but I didn’t want it!! I had a harder time keeping my spirits up once I got home from work. Since he wouldn’t be here for Thanksgiving, I wanted Paul to be able to come over to my house for supper that night. I wasn’t sure if my mom would go for that or not because my grandparents were coming up (or down) from NY and Thanksgiving was the next day. So, I didn’t say anything.
After Paul was done with work, around 4:30 he gave me a call and we talked for a few minutes but then he said that he was going to lose service and that he would call me back later. I waited and waited but there was still no phone call. I thought about calling him but I decided that I’d wait for him to call me. Around 6 there was still no phone call and my grandparents were arriving. I was really down now, not so much because of Paul not calling but because I felt I had missed my chance to see him before Sunday. A half hour later, I was talking with my grandmother in the kitchen when she said “Oh, there’s a familiar face!” I looked towards the doorway but didn’t see anyone. “Who could it be?” I thought, running down my mental list of people who might possibly show up unexpectedly. Then I had a wonderful, exciting thought come to mind, “PAUL!” I rushed to the doorway and there he was!! He pulled out my engagement ring and re-proposed to me right there in front of everyone. I think my face almost split in two because I was smiling so much! Paul was here, my ring was back, and I was now reexperiencing almost the same joy that I had had when we first got engaged. We had an awesome couple of hours together before he had to head out back home.
I think I floated back into the house, I’m not sure though! I do know this though, God has truly blessed me. Even when I was not placing my joy in God and was not trusting him, He still chose to bless me with a wonderful evening with Paul. He forgave me my bad attitudes and sin towards Him and then showered me with grace and love. He has blessed me by placing Paul in my life and allowing us to grow closer together to the point of engagement and in the near future, marriage.
“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” Psalm 23:6