Homeschool Days…Hello Week 4

Last week, we ended on a sour note.  I had called the adviser for the curriculum I am using and I asked her some tips on what to do.  My dear son, who loved to be read to, has suddenly decided that he doesn’t want to be read to, if I choose the time and the story.  Willpower.  Sheer willpower.  I was seriously questioning my decision to school this year but I also felt that we should press on.  It was only the end of the third week you know.
Today we started again.  I got the kids breakfast and Owen asked me, “Can you read to us?”  What? Huh?  Oh my, yes of course!  I looked at the schedule for the day and saw that one of the stories was from a book that is somewhat more challenging as its 5 1/2 pages of just story, no pictures.  Perfect!  And so I read while they ate and it worked out beautifully!  A little bit later, I got out Owen’s copy work pages (We are doing T this week) but I was distracted with Joel.  When I went to help Owen I saw that he had traced the Ts and had done it correctly.  No battle, no helping him.  I love the simple letters!  After some coaxing, he drew uppercase T by himself 5 times.  I was so pleased!  This was an awesome way to start out the school week.  
This is only the first day of the week.  I am anticipating it to be a nutty week, especially as Charity is trying to pop out four teeth at once and has already been very whiny or actually, more like screamy and is sorely trying my patience and love for her.  My children and driving me to Christ over and over and helping me see that I need him more than ever.  I’m glad for that.  I just wish I could learn the easy way but I guess that would make me…perfect.  Someday I will be.  For now, I’m going to Christ again and again…and writing things down so that I remember…and laugh.