Glimpses of God’s work and cute little quips

I’ve decided to try and revive my blog…again. I want to write things my kids say and lessons that I have learned or are learning so that I can recall them later for my benefit or the benefits of others. So these are some of the things that have happened this past week:

I have been reading a book by Rachel Jankovitch that I highly recommend to any mom of littles. It’s called “Loving the Little Years.” I have been so challenged by this book as I am reading it a second time, this time with three kids instead of just one. She wrote about fruit and how fruit trees bear fruit abundantly to the best of their ability and they don’t worry about what happens to the fruit. Some will fall to the ground and rot and be used to fertilize the tree, some will be eaten right way, some will be used to bake, etc. But the tree doesn’t concern itself with that. What happens to the fruit is God’s job; the tree just bears it. She then asked how do we as moms bear fruit? Do we calculate where it goes? Are we resentful if it is not used? Are we stingy? Or do we do things for our children and not worry about the results? After all, what happens to our “fruit bearing” or our works is God’s job, right? Wow. I am soo stingy with what I do and I consider, will the kids appreciate it? Is it worth it? And so on. Imagine how much more generous I would be if I didn’t worry about it but did fun things no matter the of outcome! Make those cookies with the kids even though it will be crazy and messy. Color and do play dough even though they may not get it or do it longer than a few minutes. Take them out even if they may not appreciate it. This has me thinking about how this truth all play out in my life. Of course Rachel wrote much more beautifully but this I’d my summery and thoughts on the subject 🙂

So that’s my thinking for this week. Now here are some cute and encouraging things this week:

Owen has been developing a softer heart. I didn’t think that possible because he is so stubborn and willfull! But he unprompted seeks me out to hug me and say he wants to apologize for being nasty or angry. Oh how this fills me with hope and shows how God is working! I pray often for his and my other two little souls. God is at work! It also encourages me to continue to be an example and apologize for my sins against my children.
Owen also picked up his toys beautifully this week. I was so pleased and happy that there was not one complaint and I commended him for it. He turned and looked at me and said, “Jesus helped me do it.” Oh parents, take heart. What you say is heard and will one day make sense. We continually tell the kids that they need Jesus to help them obey and this time Owen recognized that. To what extent he completely understands I am unsure but I was praising God for showing me a glimpse of my son’s heart.

Yesterday we took the kids swimming. Owen and Joel were not too thrilled and stayed outside the pool most of the time. At one point though, after all the safety paraphernalia was off of course, Owen fell in. I rushed in and grabbed him while a friend grabbed the other arm and yanked him up. Poor boy was terrified but he calmed down quickly and I took him in the house to get him dry clothes on. He looked at me and through chattering teeth said, ” I’m sorry you had to come in the pool.” Dear boy!! I was glad to! He was so sweet and concerned though. Another example of his tender heart! Later one, he was talking about it again and he said something about him falling in the water and he compared that to his Uncle Jonathan’s baptism. I had to explain that Owen fell in the pool and Uncle Jon Jon was baptized. HUGE difference, haha!

Today, we were going to make pancakes for breakfast but Joel declared “We have pancakes all the time!!” Apparently making pancakes earlier in the week and then eating leftovers two days later constitutes eating them “all the time.” So we had cereal instead! Reminds me of his daddy 🙂
Those are the highlights. It has been a nutty week but God has answered so many prayers. I am so very blessed!